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When setting a vehicles suspension geometry more variables need to be taken into consideration than often are. Whilst static settings, factory or otherwise, can be a good starting point, vehicles can still be far away from an optimal working setup. When setting race car geometry, you do not need to compromise on aspects like ride and harshness and can optimise solely for performance - and in non-endurance scenarios even sacrifice tyre wear.

Full race chassis setup needs to encompass the type of ‘race’ conditions envisaged, sprint, endurance, hill climb as well as circuit type and surface conditions. It is unlikely that two identical cars will share common geometry settings even if those cars share the same driver. Every driver will require their own unique setup, not only because of their preferences in terms of ‘feel’ but more significantly because of the individual driving style.

Race car setup should include:

- Tyre choice (when permitted)
- Tyre pressures
- Spring rates
- Roll bar stiffness
- Ride height
- Rake
- Corner weighting
- Roll centres
- Bump steer
- Castors
- Cambers
- Inclinations
- Toe
- Damping, both valving and damper settings

Optimum setting of static and dynamic geometry is available from Matthew Bentley Racing. We are able to take these and Driver/Owner/Entrant preferences into consideration when setuping up race cars.
Race car building should start with a good knowledge of the base vehicle, the series rule book and most importantly the customer’s expectations and budget. We can offer club level race car builds for lower budget racing, to one off higher level, high specification builds.
Every stage of build is dealt with at Matthew Bentley Racing, from a bare chassis build, to engine building, gearbox/transaxle, engines management, engine calibration, electronic and data systems installations to trackside support and driver development.
Electronic support covers many areas, some of these include:

- Wiring loom fault diagnosis and rectification
- Aftermarket race loom manufacturing and installation
- Aftermarket ECU fitting and wiring
- Custom or aftermarket dash installations
- Full data acquisition system fitment

We use control solutions from manufacturers including Gems, Shiftec, Motec, Aim etc
As part of the complete race car build package, we offer engine build and calibration services. From a knowledge of your engine and aftermarket components on offer, the best products are sourced and assembled for you.
After that, engine calibration services are offered. Either on an engine dyno or chassis hub dyno whichever is best suited to the scenario.
Matthew Bentley Racing offers different options on track side support depending upon customer needs. This can vary from test/track day assistance and development to full ‘Arrive and Drive’ race meetings. Some customers who run their own vehicles may want technical assistance at circuit, whereas others may require full race car preparation, storage, transport to circuit and race car operation run entirely by Matthew Bentley Racing.

Any of these options are available.
More emotive than chassis or drivetrain development, driver development is considered by many as more significant to success. We can offer one-on-one driver tuition using current professional racing drivers/circuit instructors; we can add and process data logged analysis for those seeking that extra refinement. Having worked with many competitors, we can advise which options are best for you, allowing your driving skills to be developed and ultimately better your advantage