Track & Performance Cars

Along with our race cars customers, track-day customers can use our services to get the best from their vehicles. Our alignment and corner weight equipment can optimize chassis setup for both race and road cars. We supply performance parts, motorsport lubricants and other consumable items. Our workshop services are proving effective on numerous track-day cars from Lotus Elise/Exige/2-11's through Porsche 991's to JP1 prototypes.

Track-day car setup takes its foundations from race car setup but also takes into consideration a number or other variables/compromises. Tyre wear, tyre type, harshness and drivability may need to be considered (unless the car is track use only), as many track-day users drive their cars to circuit and need them to be dual-use format.

Finding a good balance of compromise obviously needs careful consideration, the desire to have the fastest lap will preclude most if not all compromises. Fortunately owners often reach suitable compromise and discussion with ourselves can generally help to find the best mix of variables available.

We can provide everything from a basic alignment check to full chassis geometry setup.

Vehicle inspectionVehicle inspection
Camber inspection & adjustmentAdvice on spring rates
Toe inspection & adjustmentAdvice on roll bar options and settings
Price based on Lotus S1/S2 or VX220 equivalentsSet damper pre-loads
Set the ride height
Damper preloads / ride height adjustment bolt on - £50+vatSet the rake
Set the castor
Set the camber
Set the toe
Set the dampers
Price based on Lotus S1/S2 or VX220 equivalents
Set / Adjust the bump steer - front and rear - £50 each +vat
Corner weighting, measure and adjust - £60+vat
Your will be presented with a copy of our setup sheet for your car, recording all of the above parameters both before and after and other useful reference information such as spring pre-loading changes and damper settings changes if needed.