Here are some popular service packages to give an idea of what Matthew Bentley Racing offers performance and track day cars which require a more specialist and exacting service. Contact Matthew to chat through your requirements if they are not outlined here. Needless to say we do not work exclusively on Elise/Exige/VX220 cars. We can carry out servicing on all performance cars

All prices include parts, labour and VAT

Lotus Elise & Exige (K-series engine)

 Service AService BService C
S1 Elise/Exige£180£280£545
S1 Elise 111S£180£280£580
S2 Elise£180£280£545
S2 Elise 111s£180£280£580


Lotus Elise & Exige (Toyota engine)

 STANDARD Year 1,2,5INTERMEDIATE Years 3&4FULL            Year 6
S2 Elise/Exige£200£250£320


Vauxhall VX220 Servicing

STANDARD Year 1,2,5,7INTERMEDIATE Years 3&6FULL Years 4&8FULL (turbo) Year 4&8


Year mileage related extras

Brake fluid change£50
Coolant change£60
Transmission oil change£65
Air filter change£55
Spark plug change£70
Auxiliary belt change (Elise SC)£65

Prices may vary between different makes and models these list show some of our more popular serviced cars